Personal Training

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Commit to Fit

This is the highest level of personalized service BFF offers.

Commit to Fit is our 8-week, 1:1 personalized training program. Choose the number of days you’d like to meet each week for 8 consistent weeks to jump start your journey into self-awareness, healthy practices, and overall physical transformation.

Kimberly will be by your side through the program, keeping you accountable and teaching you what you need to know to care for your specific needs and fitness goals.

Designed to make it easier for you to make fitness a priority and maximize your workout time, the program includes:

  • A goal-based 8-week schedule
  • BFF’s exclusive pre-training guide
  • 55-minute, private sessions in the location of your choice
  • 1:1 guided instruction
  • Your personalized fitness plan
  • Meal planning support
  • Refocusing, guided meditation
  • Targeted flexibility techniques geared towards your needs
  • Corrective touch adjustments to avoid injury and maximize results
  • Weekly coaching and accountability check ins