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What do YOU want for your physical health and well-being?


Listen, I know you want to be in better physical condition, but maybe what you are currently doing is not giving you any desired results.

Maybe you tell yourself you are going to work out hard today, when you start, you don’t really have the motivation to push yourself. Or maybe think about how you want your arms and legs to look toned and strong…but know that you *should* want your heart and lungs to be stronger (I’m all for you wanting both, by the way).

I’ve heard it all, and it’s all valid.

Hi, I am Kimberly, founder of Be Forever FITness. I tailor workouts specifically for YOU. And we can handle whatever might be getting in your way.

So you might be:

  • Too busy for working out
  • Used to be fit before but lost the focus
  • Intimidated or turned off by the gym
  • Tired of spinning your wheels
  • Recovering from injury or illness


So, you want to work out at home? Cool. You don’t want complicated equipment. Got you. Want workouts that are efficient, personalized, effective, and, yes, even fun? I’m your girl.

Anyone can follow one-size-fits-all programs, but YOU have your own specific goals and needs.

I will help you set them, and, more importantly, I will help you crush them.

You are going to bridge that gap from starting (or starting over!) to independence with your fitness. And I am the one who will finally get you to be forever FIT!



Personal 1:1


This is the highest level of personalized service BFF offers.

Virtual 1:1


Commit to Fit, virtually! You can take your BFF wherever you go!

Private Yoga


Basic Yoga and Targeted Posture & Flexibility Training

Paddleboard  SUP &


Learn basic SUP techniques and start paddling with confidence!

Retreats &


Take BFF on your next retreat! Kimberly is a pro at team building activities

Corporate Wellness


Bring BFF to your office to improve productivity and team morale in the workplace!

Events &


Yoga at your bachelorette party? HIIT workout on your guy’s weekend?



Under construction. Coming soon!

Home Gym




"Constant Motivation"

I am so thankful to have found Kimberly. I’ve had trainers before and no one compares to her style. From her warm greetings, upbeat attitude, and lack of judgment to her constant motivation to push you to be your best self, she has not only pushed me to exceed my fitness goals but I now have more confidence than I ever knew possible.  She pushes you hard and is extremely supportive.

 Dawn F., 31

"I'm Addicted"

” I’m addicted to Kimberly’s workouts.  She challenges me to … #1 – do things I would never do on my own, #2 – do things I would never think I was even capable of, and #3 – to believe in what I am working for… myself.  Kimberly is a great teacher and an amazing motivator.

– Hayley A., 48 Mother of 3 

“Tailoring sessions for my goals”

“In my late 50’s I decided to try Yoga for flexibility, balance, and core strength. I felt the correct form would be important for optimum benefit and decided to start with Kimberly rather than on my own. She was very good at tailoring sessions for what my goals were and making corrections for proper form. Where you have any flexibility limitations, she can always find an alternate movement to achieve the same stretch. All in all, Kimberly is a great coach with a positive attitude that makes the sessions fun.”

– Danny Matthews

“Amazing trainer...10/10”

“Kimberly is an amazing trainer from start to finish. I reached out to her originally to learn a couple of kettlebell exercises to add to my routine and within a couple of weeks, she had gone above and beyond to teach me a whole arsenal of moves. She is quick to point out form errors and make sure you thoroughly understand each exercise and why it’s important. 10/10 and she’s the only trainer I’ll see in St. Pete/Tampa area!”

– Alex Momeni

“Feeling better and stronger”

“I can’t thank Kimberly enough! I was in a rut. When I did work out, it was only weights and the same routine and I was bored and clearly, my workouts were not doing what I needed. Amongst other bad habits, I needed to change. Kimberly was there to support all of my goals. I wanted to stop my bad habits and I wanted to get in better shape. She listened and she made all of my workouts personal for me and pushed me when I didn’t want to do it. That’s exactly what I needed not to mention it was all in my yard and now I have no excuse to not keep this up after the 6-week program! Feeling so much better and stronger!”

– Kandi O’Brien

“My body felt rejuvenated”

“I started working with Kimberly a couple of months ago. I was struggling with some posture and weak core muscles and wanted to work on that specifically. After every session, my body felt rejuvenated! My doctors have even said my core is much stronger and my posture is looking much better! I will continue to work with Kimberly on a regular basis to help with all of my strengthening needs!“

– Julia R.

“I made the right choice”

“From the first call with Kimberly to discuss personal training, I knew I made the right choice when selecting a personal trainer. We hit it off right away, especially with us both being certified yoga teachers. My initial goal was to start building good habits back into my routine following the pandemic. I also was looking to build strength and mobility with the added aspect of the accountability of a personal trainer. Kimberly has helped me to work towards these goals and I gained a friend along the way. She is a genuine, fun, and kick-ass lady. She meets you where you need to be, from session to session, and adapts to your circumstances physically, emotionally, and mentally.”

– Katie M.

“She is incredibly motivating”

“I signed up for Kimberly’s 8-week personal training program right before my wedding. My goal was to get stronger and tone up before my big day. Kimberly was flexible to accommodate my schedule and helped me get wedding ready in a short amount of time. She is an excellent trainer and her passion is evident as she shows up for herself and her clients consistently. When I began her program, I couldn’t do one pushup off of my knees and by the end of it, I was completing 15 real pushups at a time without stopping. She helped me build both strength and endurance throughout her program. Kimberly makes sure to end each session with a relaxing meditation or savasana to soak up the workout and move forward with peace. She is incredibly motivating and keeps it fun and exciting by switching up the exercises and even locations to work out. I highly recommend Kimberly as a local personal trainer.” 

– Victoria H.

“Holds me accountable”

“I’ve been virtually training with Kimberly for a few weeks now and I highly recommend her to anyone at any age and at any level of their fitness journey. 

No online workout program or fancy Peloton-like equipment will give you the tailored program to your body type, motivational push, form correction, and friendship that you’ll receive from Kimberly. If you want to be in the best shape of your life, sign up with her immediately! Trainer recommended!”

– Erika E.

“A great match”

“After a year with less than ideal workout conditions, I needed to take action to establish a healthy workout routine and get back in shape. To avoid getting any injuries, and to hold myself accountable I decided to find a personal trainer. Kimberly was recommended to me, and after talking with her it looked like a great match. 

She developed a program and schedule that worked perfectly for me. Kimberly has been great at keeping me motivated and accountable all the way through the program, and I’m happy to say that after 8 weeks I have seen the results. At this point my body feels a lot healthier, I have gained core power so I’m no longer afraid of injury when doing other sports. 

I’m certain I’ll be coming back to Kimberly in the future when I need to take my training to the next level.”

– Soren O.

“Feels like a workout with a long-time friend”

“Kimberly is a champion of women and will help you reach your fitness goals.

Before I started my program with Kimberly, I was feeling defeated with my workout routine and seeing no results. Within the first two weeks with Kimberly, I noticed significant changes in my endurance, muscle tone, and weight. At the end of the program, I felt stronger, healthier, happier.  I definitely recommend Kimberly as a trainer.  She is invested in your journey and supports you even after you finish the program.“

– Sofia S.

“Pushing you to your goals”

“Working with Kimberly is stress free. Any fears or doubts are put aside by her ability to assess your strengths and weaknesses and guides you through a personalized program encouraging you and pushing you to your goals. Her dedication to a fit lifestyle is inspiring.”

– Katie K.

“Improve your flexibility, functionality, and overall fitness”

“Flying as an occupation can leave you sitting for hours at a time. I’ve found that Yoga helps incredibly with the stiff joints that come from this. Kimberly Penrose is an outstanding teacher and practitioner. If you’re looking to improve your flexibility, functionality, and overall fitness I highly recommend her.” 

– David Gunning

Air Force and Airline Pilot